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WAU - Dry Cleaning Software

Advanced software solution for the management of clothes and carpet cleaners. The solution contains: ordering module, store / collection point module, collection mode from home, production mode - own hardware controller, marketing, financial, expenses, contracts, logistics, suppliers. In addition, it has developed several APIs to connect with other systems.

With the help of the innovative WAU technology you can track the entire activity within the dry cleaning business from pick-up, processing and delivery of the order. In addition, the software follows the processes and working procedures in order to quickly identify the vulnerable points that require special attention.

We connect the collection and production centers in order to find out at any time complete data on the activities carried out. Orders, customers, consumptions, expenses

Find out vital information about your business in real time. This way you can make managerial decisions quickly and efficiently, a net advantage in a market with many players.

The solution is made especially for this industry: textile cleaning and washing centers. WAU Cleaning is the solution you need to reduce costs and increase the quality of services offered to your customers.

For more details, please visit www.WAU.ro